Narozeninové oslavy

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Do you want to hold a unique birthday party that everyone will be jealous of? Go ahead and write to us at!

How is the birthday party organised?

You will have total time of 2 hours for jumping and celebration. It is up to you how you organise the time. Table reservation will be for 2,5 hours (from xx:45 to xx:15). The price for 2 hour version is 420 CZK per person (Mon - Thurs)/470 CZK per person (Fri - Sun). If you would be interested in 3 hour version (table reservation for 3,5 hours) the price is 600 CZK per person (Mon - Thurs)/650 CZK per person (Fri - Sun).

What can I bring?

You can bring your own cake and own refreshments. Table decorations are also totally up to you. Our only condition is that beverages must be purchased at our bar.

We offer a basic selection of bottled beverages. We also have several types of non-alcoholic bubbly.

What else do we offer?

We also offer the opportunity to jump with one of our coaches, who will give the children a tour of the entire facility. He/she can also play games with the children or can teach them a flip or another kind of trick. The price for an hour with one of our coaches is 700 CZK.

For better organisation of the session, we recommend using a coach for children under the age of 10. However, we cannot guarantee the presence of a coach during weekdays.
Please inform us about an order for a coach at least one week in advance.

We have an invitation ready for you as well.

It is possible to order party catering which we can arrange from a nearby restaurant. If you are interested we can send you the offer by e-mail. The minimum price of your order is CZK 1200 CZK.

We recommend booking birthday parties at least a month in advance, especially if the requested date is on weekend or Friday afternoon.