Our Couches

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Do you want to improve your jumping skills, but you just don’t know how?

Arrange for a session with one of our coaches!

Price for jumping + coach services is CZK 499 for one person. For 2-3 persons, CZK 399 and for 4+ persons CZK 299 per person per hour. 

If you want to arrange a specific time, please write an email to zlicin@jumppark.cz.

Choose according to your needs:

David – freestyle, parkour, jumping and gymnastics basics, ski and snowboard acrobatics, tricking, freerun

Martin – jumping and gymnastics basics, parkour, freerun, acrobatics

Natálka – gymnastics, jumping basics

Magi – acrobatics, freerun, jumping and gymnastics basics

Adéla – gymnastics and jumping basics